The Group

I2E : our african execution
and maintenance platform

I2E is the African Execution and Maintenance Platform of the SFEH Group. It is the operational entity dedicated to the execution of projects, specialising in the following spheres:

  • Execution of work in hospital environments
  • Diagnostics and reconditioning of building services and equipment
  • Installation of biomedical equipment of great technical complexity (scanners, MRI, operating theatres, etc.)
  • Maintenance of BS&E packages (electricity, plumbing, air treatment, medical fluids)
  • Biomedical Maintenance (preventive and corrective)

I2E employs 40 people in 6 teams:

  • Biomedical & medical fluids: 6 people
  • Strong/weak current electricity: 3 people
  • Air treatment, plumbing, water treatment: 6 people
  • All building trades: 16 people
  • Maintenance of green spaces: 3 people
  • Security, drivers, maintenance: 5 people

Biomedical & Medical Fluides

Treatment of Air/Water - Plumbing

Electricity - strong/weak currents


Building trades and professions

Security, transport & maintenance

Green spaces


IE2 also has considerable material means:

  • 6 fully-equipped offices
  • fully-equipped workshops
  • an area for the storage of materials and spare parts
  • as well as specialised vehicles and tools.

I2E's offices were built by our team, demonstrating their know-how and the quality of their work. Those human and technical means can be deployed throughout the African continent to intervene directly on your projects and assure their execution.

Our teams can also supervise or support local teams.


Storage area and workshops


IE2 undertakes all types of work, acting rapidly and efficiently: